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We are delighted to launch a new programme of  online learning, produced in association with NTI, to covering the Insolvency (England & Wales) Rules 2016  - Insolvency Rule – OK - TechTalk
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Insolvency Rules – OK?
 With the biggest legislative changes in over 30 years, (the introduction of the Insolvency (England & Wales) Rules 2016), we know that there are significant training requirements at all levels within the profession.
We understand that these needs will be varied, both in terms of the level of detail and technical content required by participants (reflecting their varying roles with the profession) and also the practice areas of primary interest. By providing alternative and complimentary mechanisms for insolvency professionals to access the training they need, we hope to support the profession at a key time in its development.

Insolvency Rules – OK? – TechTalk

TechTalk is a series of eight 1 hour videos that you can watch at any time, covering the entirety of the new Rules. You can mix and match the sessions you purchase to meet your own training needs, or you can participate in the entire programme to ensure you have a broad base of knowledge. All you need is to have registered, paid (where necessary) and have access to the internet access.

Each unit is supported by a downloadable workbook that you can print and retain, and add your own notes to. Each unit concludes with a 10 question multiple choice quiz to reinforce your learning. You can contact the trainer by email with any follow-up questions you have.

The introductory unit is free of charge and will provide you with some headlines and a flavour of how the system works.

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TechTalk Programme
Unit Areas covered Parts / Schedules examined
Intro Introduction, overview and structure, definitions, transitional provisions and Courts. 1,12, & 21;
Schedules 1,2,4,5,6,&10
1 Claims and distributions, Decision making, use of proxies 14,15 & 16
2 Liquidation 1: MVL / CVL 5 & 6
3 Administration & Administrative, Receivership 3 & 4
4 IVA / CVA 2 & 8
5 Liquidation 2: Compulsory liquidation, Disclaimer, Permission to act as a director 7,19, &22; Schedule 3
6 Bankruptcy, DRO, Debtors and their families 9,10,11,13 & 20; Schedules 7 & 8
7 Remuneration, Reporting & Committees 17, 18; Schedules 9 & 11 

Introduction:                     Free of Charge
Units 1 -7                           £50 plus VAT, per participant, per unit
Complete Course:            £250 plus VAT, per participant
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